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Zulfikar Fahd

Communications consultant in Jakarta Indonesia

The man who is familiarly known as Fikar is a marketing communications consultant. In his spare time, he always finds time to travel to the part of the world he’s never been to, previously Cambodia, Taiwan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, to Poland. However, he rarely books hotel rooms during his trip. He likes to stay at the local residents house or expatriates who live there to dig deeper insight about the country he visits. He always gets place to stay for free. Not only that, he also had to travel overland across 4,000 kilometers in Europe for free.

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"Free" Around-the-World Trip

@ VOL 22 ON JUN 04, 2015

Ever wondered traveling 4,000 kilometers through Europe for only less than US$100? Fikar did it. He shares tips and stories on how he 'travel-hacks' his journey from hitchhiking to couchsurfing.