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Zofia Pietrowicz

2D/3D Designer, Freelance in Detroit, MI United States

Hello! My name is Zofia Pietrowicz; I'm a freelance designer based in Metro Detroit. I love working multi-disciplinarily between graphic design and soft goods. I find that the best solutions come when I look outside of just one scope of design.
My mission as a designer is sustainability. I want to create products that are not only helpful to people but also good for our planet.

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Sustainability is a Lifestyle, Not a Diet

@ VOL 37 ON APR 30, 2019

Zofia Pietrowicz is a senior at Lawrence Technological University, where she will graduate later this month in May, 2019. While the focus of her studies has been that of multi-disciplinary design, all of her focus circles around the idea of sustainability.

She believes that to design sustainably, there are three pillars to be considered: The people, the products, and the system itself.

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Detroit @ Owl and the Raven
Apr 30, 2019