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Yoko Shimizu

Contemporary artist and biochemistry researcher in Tokyo Japan

Yoko Shimizu is a contemporary artist and science researcher based in Japan. Yoko spent her childhood growing up in New York. She studied biochemistry at university, and the art that she encountered while in New York inspired her to integrate the two elements. She has won many awards both at home and abroad for her scientific artworks, and has held exhibitions in countries around the globe.

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When Art and Science Collide

@ VOL 132 ON JAN 27, 2016

“I wanted to learn the beautiful mechanism of the universe, nature, and life. So i studied biology and chemistry in my university. And that’s when i thought ‘how cool would it be to integrate all of this into art?’”

In When Art and Science Collide from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 132,  contemporary artist and science researcher Yoko Shimizu details her work. One may think that art and Science are total opposites but not Yoko. She finds that the beauty of the scientific principles that surround us to be timeless, limitless, and inspirational. Yoko –who has won many awards her scientific artworks– creates installations that integrate both art and science.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Friday, February 6th, 2016. 

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Jan 27, 2016