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Xandro Lombardi

Art Director, Digital Design Factory in Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

I visualise my creative ideas using pen and paper - as sketching the creative saves time and money when it comes to answering a brief - as computers tends to hinder the thought process.

In saying that, I am highly experienced using CS6 at a high level and my understanding of typography is strong.

My knowledge of paper and the print process makes my all round skills solid and invaluable to any employer.

I work out of the HUB Sydney in Darlinghurst.

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Ideas for Graphic Design Education in the Blue Mountains

@ VOL 9 ON FEB 28, 2014

Xandro Lombardi discusses his role as a graphic design artist and educator. Australia is home to some of the world's top universities, but as Xandro points out, there is nothing between Sydney and Bathurst. Xandro proposes initiating a destination for graphic design education in the Blue Mountains, which would spark growth and cultural diversity.