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Wei-Zhen Chang

in Taipei Taiwan

Planning Director at Archicake

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Food and Agriculture Education in Floral Expo

@ VOL 39 ON OCT 20, 2018

archicake 企劃總監。讀中文系的人,清華大學畢業、北京大學碩士。作為中文人研究宋代詩學理論,參與中央研究院文哲所明代詞學計畫、英國漢學圖書計畫;投身文化創意產業後主持2015-16 台北街角遇見設計、國際設計師駐村專案、基隆傑出藝術家調查及專書出版計畫。烹煮以明志,背包以致遠,養四貓而安居。


Planning Director at Archicake, Weizhen graduated with a B.A from National Tsing Hua University, and a M.A from Peking University. She worked as a researcher of literature, thought, and philosophy of the Song period, and participated in a Ming Dynasty Poetry Program, and Sinological Studies II in the U.K with Academia Sinica’s Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy.

Weizhen switched gears in 2015 – 2016, shifting her artistic attention to the cultural and creative industry, which led her on a series of adventures - Meet Taipei: Design, International Designers in Residence, Keelung Artist Roster, and book publications.

Weizhen believes that a messy kitchen is a sign of happiness, and that the world can be explored with just a knapsack on her back. When at home, her four foster cats keep the world out and her heart anchored in a corner of quiet.