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Vladimír Mokrý

Artist & Designer in Prague Czech Republic

Vladimír Mokrý help companies articulate their products and services by defining product design strategies, conducting user research, app prototyping, interface designing and team-leading.

For one year Vladimír Mokrý drew an artwork per day and he shares what he learned.

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Art Project as a Habit

@ VOL 153 ON DEC 13, 2017

Day to day, Vladimír Mokrý help companies articulate their products and services. However, for one year, everyday, Vladimír Mokrý also drew an artwork once a day. Let’s find out this PechaKucha Night, what he has learnt from his year of creative persistence.  

Vladimír Mokrýの日々の仕事は、企業のアイディアや商品、サービスを形にすることですが、今回のPechaKucha Nightでは、彼が自分のアートワークとして一年間毎日描きためた絵を紹介してくれます。自身のクリエイティブ活動から彼が学んだことはなんだったのでしょうか?ぜひ一緒に探求してみましょう!

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Dec 13, 2017