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Victor Peralta

Principal Drafter, Parsons Brinckerhoff in Katoomba Australia

Title : AnyBODY – An Art Project

Subject: The Project captures some of the images and stories of people within our community that have or are suffering homelessness and hardships. We will discuss the work our local soup kitchen does to help these people get past the hurdles associated with these issues and how easily anybody can find themselves in similar circumstances. The imagery is captured via the medium of painted and charcoal portraiture, photograph and film and is set to be launched on Homeless Persons Week 2015. During the course of the project there will be several fund raising events to help raise monies to keep the soup kitchen assisting those in need within our community.

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Anyone Art

@ VOL 10 ON NOV 21, 2014

Victor Peralta is a draftsman in the civil engineer field, a portrait painter and is current director of Katoomba's famed 'Winter Magic' festival. In 2010, Victor entered the Archibald Prize for the first time and won the people's choice award within the Real Refusé section. 

In Volume 10, Victor shared his plans for upcoming Art Project which addresses how anybody can be affected by homelessness and hardships in our community.