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Organize Your Network Uncompromised Life Resource Bank. Record new acquaintances and contacts on your Team 100 List, in a rolodex, use computer software or even index cards. Set up whatever system works best for you to keep in touch and nurture your new contacts.FOLLOW-UP!!! Use your resource file to keep in touch with those in your network. Never give out your card and say, "give me a call." Follow-up is your responsibility. Research shows that amazingly only 20% of sales leads are ever followed up....80% of potential opportunities are lost by failure to follow-up. Use every opportunity to send a follow-up personal note, a thank you, a congratulations, or a relevant article of information.WORK! The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. Remember WORK makes up the better part of Networking.As you read compare what I am saying to what is going on in your life. You May be surprised. First of all did you fall for the old line that a particular offer is so good you best not miss out, so in your thirst to make money you joined up. A few days go by and then the old familiar emails start to arrive, so and so has joined your team, so there is now money waiting for you. Ha-ha that's a joke. JUST TRY AND GET THAT MONEY. First you will have to upgrade to the premium level and that will cost you money. I am sure you agree with me so far.Take a look at what you have joined, is there any products at the end of the line to sell. Nine times out off ten you find there are not, where does the so called money come from? you certainly are not going to see any of it. IF you are one of the top guys and have been lucky to get your hands on some money, it will be because you have lied your way there. The lies you tell are not yours, you really believe in what you are doing, but these lies have been told to you in such a way as to be totally believable.