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Trevor Lewis

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After many decades in I.T. for major financial corporations, Trevor Lewis came to his senses (in the many meanings of that word) and now concentrates on energy healing, life coaching, and volunteer mentoring at AB Tech. He published his first book "Thriving as an Empath: Empowering your highly sensitive self" in 2016 (but more about that in another talk). He left his native England in 1988 eventually finding his way home to Asheville in 2012 with his wife and two high-schoolers. Having lived in London, NYC, Dallas and Delaware, he says about Asheville, "Finally, I get to live in a town that makes me feel mainstream!"

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Stay Calm and Take the Next Step

@ VOL 14 ON MAR 03, 2017

Trevor Lewis shares the lessons he learned walking through a waterlogged tunnel in the dark.

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Asheville @ The Grove House
Mar 03, 2017