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Travis Johnson

Co-Founder and Owner, Vancouver Circus School in New Westminster Canada

Travis grew up in a world of circus and trampoline, never knowing a life without either. His parents ran recreational and competitive trampoline programming at a national and provincial level for nearly two decades. Travis began competing in trampoline at the age of 6, having won a number of Western Canadian championships. In 2012, Travis became a co-founding member of ASCA (Asia- Pacific Social Circus Association), in coordination with the Cirque du Soleil, and over 100 social circus organizations from all over the world.
Travis has been awarded with accolades such as, the Small Business of The Year award (New West Chamber of Commerce), NEXT UP award (Tourism New West), nominee for the Builder’s Choice award for his Vancouver Circus School’s New Westminster location and nominee for Best Fitness Entrepreneur in Vancouver (Notable Awards).

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Circus Gives Hope


Circus gives hope, not only for children but for adults. 

In this presentation, Travis Johnson explains how social circus is an important self esteem developing tool for everyone. He explains that not only does it provide personal social impact, but it is also designed to build community and provide hope. Most notably for at risk and impoverished youth around the world.

Reach for the top.

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New Westminster @ Anvil Centre - 14th Floor
Feb 25, 2017