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Toshiyuki Kato

artist in kyoto Japan

Toshiyuki Kato's art practice also pops out of the studio. He makes
improvised drawings of animals onto large canvases on stage
requested by the audience at special art performance events.
Mr Kato involves audience members in the process of making the large
animal drawings on stage, by asking them to work with him on the large
canvases. Both children and adults thoroughly enjoy the experience
of hand drawing these large animals alongside Mr. Kato.

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Oshaberi, A Painting Show

@ VOL 7 ON NOV 29, 2014

Artist Toshiyuki Kato discusses his art and painting performances, which often depict very colorful animals. He sometimes works with charitable causes, especially those involving children.

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Osaka @ Knowledge Salon, GRAND FRONT OSAKA
Nov 29, 2014