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Tobias Berneth

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The difference between smart and intelligent

@ VOL 55 ON FEB 09, 2016

Tobias Berneth, Founder of Things to Be, discusses the question "Why can't smart technology be smarter?" he challanges this question by comparing technology. What is the difference between smart and intelligent products? We have smart products – products that can store, and deliver information. The intelligent product would be able to recognize redundancies and patterns of information.

Smart products await your input. Do you loose time by using smart products? By using intelligent products, would you be given time, as the product is constantly changing after your needs?

Berneth compares these intelligent products to making new friends. He asks, "How do you design something that collects your data?”. It’s like making friends, make products that people can communicate with in a human way and that can understand how you do it.

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Stockholm @ Berns - Stora Salongen
Feb 09, 2016