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Tina FireWolf

Facilitator of Remembering , Tina FireWolf, Inc. in Flat Rock United States

Tina FireWolf has trained Middle School Science students, hordes of Scuba Diving tourists, and 2-toed sloths, but says training her mind was the most challenging of them all.

As an Author, a Singer, and a Facilitator of Remembering - Tina FireWolf, “The Cosmic Farm Girl” is igniting a “Remembering” of Sustainable Inner Peace. She combines her cosmic feral farm girl upbringing, her background in Science, Leadership, and Education with her multi-tonal Vocalizations to accelerate and simplify personal development. She shares a light-hearted and simplified approach to the HOW of Self Leadership & Personal Healing by empowering folks to sing themselves into Sustainable Inner Peace. She is dedicated to building a world where we communicate and experience productivity from a powerfully peaceful place. Purchase her book Beneath the Chatter: the wise self awaits or her new CD “Medicine Within – Vocalizations to Free Your Soul.” You can connect with Tina at

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The True Power of the Sound of Your Voice

@ VOL 18 ON FEB 23, 2018

Imagine communicating from a powerfully peaceful place. Tina Firworlf explains to us that it is possible to do so when we use our unique sound to sustain our inner peace.

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Asheville @ The Grove House
Feb 23, 2018