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Tim Richardson

Director, It's Original ltd in St Neots United Kingdom

Creative and inspiring, leadership development consultant and executive coach with Waverley. I am also a Director of It's Original which runs Art and Soul Cafe Gallery Creative Hub in St Neots as well as being a trustee of Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning in Essex. I am passionate about releasing talent, stewarding our environment and developing responsible leaders in all ares of life.

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What is Enough?

@ VOL 12 ON APR 25, 2019

"Climate change protesters are asking what can we do and this bothers me"

Having travelled the world throughout his career visiting some of the richest and poorest places on earth, Tim Richardson has witnessed, first hand the insatiable human need to consume and has started to ask the question what is enough? Tim gives us some clues about how we can all lead better lives.

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St Neots @ Art & Soul Cafe
Apr 25, 2019