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Tim Carlburg

Potter, Carlburg Pottery / Handmade Growlers in Columbia Falls, MT United States

Tim Carlburg is a full time potter and stay-at-home-father. His focus has been on creating one-of-a-kind functional growlers, flasks and moonshine jugs for breweries and distilleries across the country and his work has been showcased in multiple national (and int'l) magazines and on national television. When he isn't busy making pottery, Tim can be found hunting, camping, rafting, and training for, and competing in the Highland Games with his wife and daughters.

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Art of the Growler

@ VOL 7 ON APR 05, 2019

Anyone can fill a growler, but not everyone can fill their growler with custom made artwork. Unless of course, you contact Tim Carlburg. Tim has been making one of a kind growlers for people and breweries across the globe finding a niche in a market powered by people ready for their next fill of craft beer. His ingenuity and craftsmanship are what make Tim's business one of a kind, just like his growlers.

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Kalispell @ Sassafras Ballroom
Apr 05, 2019