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Tessa Heck

Artist/Gallerist, Montana Modern Fine Art in Kalispell, MT United States

Tessa Heck is a figurative and abstract painter. Tessa recently moved back to the Flathead after receiving her MFA in Portland, OR. While in Portland, she co-founded an alternative art gallery. She currently works at Montana Modern Fine Art in downtown Kalispell promoting contemporary art.

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Art Follows Life

@ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2018

Art can lead all over the place. It has led painter Tessa Heck from the rural to the urban (and back again), from the noncommercial to the monetary, from introspection to examination. Sometimes art is a journey and, as Tessa's story shows, sometimes that journey leads home. And sometimes it's a journey walked in red cowboy boots. 

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Kalispell @ Highline Design Company
Apr 05, 2018