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Terry Newhard

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erry is a native of Easton. He has three core values; be a great dad, make a difference in a community and have fun. In pursuit of fun, Terry does a different activity each day, ranging from mountain biking, kayaking, racquetball, x-country skiing to rollerblading and many other sports. He also likes to paint plein air impressionist style scenes. On the weekends he avoids working around the house by engaging his wife on local adventures. In order not to waste playtime with indecision, he created a list of over 240 places that are within an hour of Easton.

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My 20 Favorite Things to do near Easton

@ VOL 5 ON JUN 17, 2016

Terry Newhard has developed a list of over 200 day trips near Easton. He highlights his top 20 in this fast-paced survey.

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Easton @ The Pomfret Club
Jun 17, 2016