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Tania Nicolo

Hospitality, Monsterella/Mummucc' in Perth Australia

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Monsterella Pizza

@ VOL 23 ON FEB 26, 2019

Tania Nicolo + Ryan Bookless: Monsterella + Mummucc'

The Monsterella specialty is their handmade wood fired pizza. They also serve up traditional Italian street food, homemade Italian pasta & insalata.

Their pizzas are 100% handmade and naturally risen for 48 hours. All their pizza sauce is made with San Marzano tomatoes.

Their little girl thinks all cheese is Mozzarella, and when it comes to Pizza, they tend to agree!

However, when she wants it, she asks for “Monsterella”.

For them it says it all and every time she blurts it out it brings a little smile to their faces. They often can’t help but think there’s a little Monsterella in all of us.

After all, they were all little Monsterella’s at one point!

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Perth @ Mobilia
Feb 26, 2019