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Tania Khan

Graphic Designer, Self Employed in Cambridge United Kingdom

I design almost all the time. Chose to communicate visually, as that contained colours, lines, images and was an exciting new language that not everyone spoke, but everyone understood.
After giving birth to our son with Down Syndrome, I have recently embarked on another journey. I have begun a campaign I call Hope. Hope is to steer our societies to view Down Syndrome only as a category, as an identification...rather than a gradation of abilities. I am determined to create a shift in our perspectives towards those with Down Syndrome. They have many qualities that we all aspire to have...notice their potential!

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Changing perspectives towards those of us with Down syndrome

@ VOL 8 ON FEB 07, 2017

Every child should be brought into this world with optimism. A life with Down Syndrome (the most common genetic condition!) should be celebrated as much as a life without Down Syndrome! Tania Khan shares. 


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Cambridge @ Espresso Library
Feb 07, 2017