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Tanayah Tooze

Student in Newcastle Australia

Art Healing Hearts

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I can’t really explain my work. I don’t really know what my work is. I’m human and I’m forever evolving. I make art. To make art is to express all those things we cannot say. It’s a release mechanism but at the same time it connects us to ourselves. Art therapy has lead me to working in an orphanage in Vietnam and taken me on an amazing life journey.

I had always loved art but had never appreciated it for its incredible potential. It wasn’t until I became incredibly ill that I began to reap the rewards of making art. I found myself at the John Hunter Hospital for a month undergoing treatment and there I met an incredible lady Cath Chedwiggen. She must have noticed something about my sketches and asked me to help her paint a mural in one of the children’s treatment rooms. My love for art grew as the beautiful Donna Rankin reached out to help me discover my potential upon my arrival back home. I began entering art competitions and was even chosen to have my art on an album cover. I became Donna’s assistant with her Heart to Heart endeavours and became a mentor to young girls in our community while helping them through art therapy. We raised funds for an orphanage in Vietnam and found ourselves overseas helping these beautiful souls. One year later I was Donna’s assistant in teaching art to a group of Lawyer’s in Singapore as a form as team building and therapy of course! I now sponsor a girl from the orphanage in Vietnam (having been there a second time) and I am currently studying Psychology at the University and Newcastle. My heart wants to help people and I believe art is a powerful catalyst for this.

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Art Healing Hearts

@ VOL 4 ON APR 22, 2015

"Is amazing how the subconscious can be echoed through art."

In Art Healing Hearts from PechaKucha Forster Vol.4Tanayah Tooze shared her amazing journey of healing through art. She made artworks for cover band, mural, fundrasing and how she helps the disadvantaged children of Vietnam with her talents and genuine heart.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Monday, October 3rd, 2013. 

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Forster @ Laneway
Apr 22, 2015