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Sue Davis

Deputy Dean Research - Education & the Arts, CQUniversity Australia in Sunshine Coast Australia

I'm a creative educator, researcher, practitioner and advocate for the arts and creative industries. I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia.

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Wasteland or wonderland – art, activism and wildflower women!

@ VOL 23 ON SEP 20, 2017

Queensland’s native wildflowers have often been overlooked and undervalued and if it hadn’t been for the efforts of artists and activists they would have been lost forever. In this presentation, Sue Davis will share examples of artistry and activism that drove efforts to reduce the loss of the unique wallum heathlands of the Sunshine Coast. The work of ‘wild/flower women’ such as writer/artist Kathleen McArthur and famous Australian poet Judith Wright helped profile these special environments.  Sue believes that finding out about what they did can still inspire us today.

Art works, books, ephemera & some photographs courtesy of:

•Hugh McArthur
•Alexandra Moreno
•Meredith McKinney
•The Fryer Library, University of Queensland Library 
(and the presenter)!
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Sunshine Coast @ The J
Sep 20, 2017