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Sophie Mankowski

Architect, OAQ in Montreal Canada

Sophie Mankowski is a Montréal based architect (OAQ) who holds a master’s degree in architecture from UBC and a master’s degree in clinical psychology (SFU). She has lived in many different cities throughout Canada, Europe, and Africa. In 2001, she joined the board of directors of Docomomo Québec (DQ, Montréal), an NGO affiliated with Docomomo International (Barcelona) and dedicated to the Documentation and Conservation of the Modern Movement. As part of her mandate, she took part in Canada’s first modern architecture conference (Trent University, Ontario, 2005) where she shared her ideas on the role of the creative process to shape negative perceptions. In parallel, she continued working for different architectural firms specialized in rehabilitation, sustainable, and institutional design, and participated in the 7th Mostra Internazionale di Architettura at the Biennale di Venezia dedicated to the theme Città: Less Aesthetics, More Ethics (proposal published). She is the founder and president of the Montreal based non-profit organization PORTRAIT SONORE which proposes experiential walks or ‘’pocket documentaries’’ rich in sounds and textures that use mobile technologies and music for a better understanding of the modern city. Her initiatives for the Montreal walks and lately for the application of this concept at a pan-Canadian level have been granted by the Art Council of Canada.

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Edmonton @ Winspear Centre
Oct 05, 2013