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in Istanbul Turkey

As pedestrians we all have problems with transportation, when we are going home or to school or shopping. We have a hard time getting from one place to another because the cars are parking on the sidewalks and infastructures are not proficient.

Also when we are using the public transportation or driving our cars we have the same problems, there are too many cars creating huge traffic jams.
Furthermore, the steets which are a main part of city life and public spaces are being overun by vehicles forcing pedestrains elsewhere.

We are coming together as a group to adress this issue because we feel so stongly about it and there is not enough support. We want to bring attention to the problem and do what we can to help make a change. We are a non profit organization looking for more support from people and other organizations who feel the same way about solving the problems.

In accordance with this purpose, we are organising events called “Streets Belong To Us Once In A Month!”. These events aim to show the residents how they can benefit from their streets as a safe open public space and also to remind the street culture. The events were carried out in a street festival style, providing residents with an opportunity to allow their children to play in safe traffic-free open areas that would usually be danger zones. At each event a selected residential street was closed to motorised traffic on a Sunday. Street furniture and various art and sport installations were displayed to illustrate alternative uses for the street space that is lost to moving or parked cars. “Streets Belong to Us Once in a Month” activities set out principles of good practice for a social action based on transport.

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Eskişehir @ Dublin Cafe & Irish Pub
Feb 24, 2018