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Shirley Weir

Communicator and conversation disruptor, Menopause Chicks in Port Moody Canada

Shirley Weir is on a mission to disrupt how we talk about perimenopause and menopause.

Frustrated by confusing and conflicting information in the media, on the internet and even from medical professionals, Shirley launched as a way for women to become their own best health advocates, navigate midlife health information and connect to professionals who can support their journey.

In April 2016, Shirley hosted the first-ever online menopause party celebrating her own menopause milestone. She and rock star Bif Naked discussed learning to love menopause, while women tuned in to share their own stories in a private online community that now has nearly 2000 members. In October 2016, Shirley shared her ideas on the TEDxGastown Women stage in Vancouver. Menopause Chicks has been featured by ShareCare (a Dr. Oz site), OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) and Healthline Magazine.

Shirley’s communications career spans 28 years, she has a Peer Counselling certificate from UBC, and she is mom to two teenagers and one golden doodle.

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Cracking Open the Conversation on Menopause

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 05, 2016

When Shirley Weir mentions the word “menopause" at a cocktail party, she often gets some peculiar reactions. People don’t like talking about it, and when they do, it is mostly in a negative context. Fact: women live beyond the retirement party of their ovaries. Yet, perimenopause and menopause continue to be misunderstood.

In Cracking Open the Conversation on Menopause, Shirley uses examples from her own personal journey, as well as from advertising, media and the internet, to help reframe menopause from something that is solely negative—into a conversation that women (and men!) embrace, look forward to and celebrate!

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New Westminster @ River Market
Nov 05, 2016