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Scott Fry

Senior Field Officer, NQ Dry Tropics in Townsville Australia

Scott is one of our most experienced Senior Field Officers with over 10 years experience restoring ecological health to the Lower Burdekin coastal wetland systems. Scott has managed the Queensland Government funded Systems Repair project and built long-term partnerships with landholders, local government, Lower Burdekin Water, indigenous and industry groups to successfully restore seasonality, hydrological systems, water flows and improve water quality of coastal wetland systems.

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Restoring waterways in the Burdekin

@ VOL 19 ON SEP 20, 2018

Scott Fry

Senior Field Officer NQ Dry Tropics

Restoring waterways in the Burdekin

Burdekin farms are the filters through which water enters the reef, and farmers are also great fishermen. Scott is going to tell us about the work farmers are doing to improve reef water quality.

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Townsville @ Dancenorth
Sep 20, 2018