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Scott Coates

Entrepreneur , Looking for what's next! in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Scott is a character blessed with a unique sixth sense - the sense for adventure. An avid outdoor enthusiast, he's skilled at capitalizing on possibility, whether it's the prospect of an undiscovered mountain trail or a means to bring English language training to rural children. In 2004 he was awarded Alberta's Provincial Award Celebrating Excellence for his work benefiting the global community, resulting in the establishment of the Scott Coates - Smiling Albino Scholarship. He's written freelance articles for publications worldwide, been a guest lecturer at colleges/universities on eco-tourism and liaised as a team-building facilitator for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, IBM and BP Oil. Special accomplishments include hiking the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu, riding his mountain bike through Tibet to Mount Everest and down the west side of the Annapurna Trail in Nepal. He took up a Fellowship at the East-West Center in Honolulu, HI, in 2011, taking part in their Asia Pacific Leadership Program.

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Thailand Refelected

@ VOL 9 ON AUG 21, 2013

Scott Coates lived in Thailand for quite some time. Here he talks about why he moved to Thailand, what's appealing about the country, what he learned from living in Thailand, things that he will miss, things that you can find only in Thailand, when you know you have become a local, and what he would do differently if he were to move to Thailand today.

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Bangkok @ Launchpad
Aug 21, 2013