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Saulo Madrid

Curator & Creative Director in New York, Tokyo and Paris France

Living between Paris, New York and Tokyo, Saulo Madrid specializes in the creation and mediation of content across digital media, responsive media, mobile media, print, architecture, and multi-platform dissemination tools. He collaborates with an international scope of programmers, designers, architects, artists, and museums through consulting, curation and creation. He is currently working and will be presenting his new project in Tokyo in collaboration with Takeshi Amano. He has developed a new web e-commerce platform called Ima as one of the founders.

Saulo Madrid holds a BA in Architecture History from Harvard University, a BA in Art History from Boston University, and Graduate Diploma in Communication Studies from Concordia University. He holds a Master’s in Philosophy of Aesthetics and Phenomenology from La Sorbonne.

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Cross Platform Remediation

@ VOL 103 ON MAY 29, 2013

Saulo Madrid and Takeshi Amano team up on a presentation about remediation as a model for interdisciplinary aesthetic practices. In short, it is using phenomenological and philosophy studies to understand how to create augmented experiences from digital, print, and physical installations. Research in understanding human cognition across platforms.

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
May 29, 2013