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Sarie Moolenburgh

Freelancer Branding, Design, and Photography, self employed in Hong Kong Hong Kong

50% Dutch, 50% South African. Openminded, always looking for adventure, can't sit still. I get a lot of satisfaction from CREATING. With my branding and design background, I moved from Holland to Hong Kong 2 years ago to set up the business for my former employer. After dreaming a lot about all the images I would like to create, I recently decided to go the next level in my photography career.

My photography style can be described as fine-art photography, showing tension between art and photography. Some pictures have been published and an exhibition is in the making.....

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A World of Fantasy

@ VOL 27 ON MAY 25, 2016

Sarie Moolenburgh shares her photography and creative process. Moolenburgh discovered her passion for photography 2 years ago with a special interest in analog photography. Her explorations with the medium have included processing film in lemon juice, coffee, and even urine, to push the boundaries between photography and art. She describes the process of finding her own voice and how it strengthened her connections with others around her. 

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Hong Kong @ XXX Studios
May 25, 2016