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Sarah Buxton

in London United Kingdom

Over the last ten years Sarah has started, scaled, failed, acquired, supported, promoted, and driven forward businesses in both b2b and b2c environments.

Working alongside both established brands and disruptive startups Sarah has gained extensive experience, developing audience persuasive propositions and refining go to market strategies. Her approach and expertise allows companies to address the perception gap and benefit from a higher degree of resonance.

Sarah has become incredibly well connected in the finance and technology space, allowing her to build strong relationships and create unique partnerships.

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Telling A Story

@ VOL 12 ON SEP 19, 2016

In 20 slides Sarah Buxton explains how to tell a great story, to build a narrative that will conjure a feeling of instant connection, and a sense of belonging - no matter the medium you choose to use!

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London @ The Book Club
Feb 22, 2016