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Sander Nevejans

Multidisciplinary Designer and Creative Artist in Tokyo Japan

I grew up in the flemish part of Belgium and started designing at the age of 16. I was a apprentice assistant at my father company, who is a blacksmith and metal construction worker. In 2009 I graduated in Electro-mechanics at the Provincial Technical Institute, Eeklo, Belgium. During my time in Eeklo, I also went to the academie of fine Arts, Waarschoot, Belgium. There, I learned the skills of lino carving, etching, sculpture, ceramics, pottery, drawing and painting.

The combination of artistic and technical insight made me study Interior Design at LUCA School of Arts, Ghent, Belgium (2009). At the beginning of my third and final year (2012) I was offered a modelling job in Barcelona and soon after one in New York. I put my studies on hold and traveled to London, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Amsterdam, New York and Sydney. Working for brands as Tommy Hilfiger, Ermenegildo Zegna, John Varvatos, Rick owens etc.

After 3 years of modelling I went back to finish my Bachelor in Interior Design. With the knowledge I gained during my modelling days I got a Internship at Aux Armes Etc in New York. At ‘Aux Armes Etc’ I learned the basics of fashion week presentations and runway design during the NYFW Fall/Winter 2015. In June 2015 I graduated Interior Designs at LUCA School of Arts, with a laureate on my bachelor assignment. In Oktober 2015 I had the privilege to start an internship at Ito Masaru Design Project / SEI in Tokyo, Japan.

From April 2016 I work as an Interior Designer at Ito Masaru design Projects.

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@ VOL 158 ON JUL 25, 2018

Sander Nevejans is a multidisciplinary Designer and creative Artist currently based in Tokyo, Japan. He shares his latest work ‘ToSkyo’: his first photographical project that reshapes today’s architecture and visualises what will happen when the world will be overpopulated in the near future. He talks about the concept, how he created the images and share his vision for the future of architecture and design.


現在、東京に本拠を置く多分野に精通するデザイナーです。彼の最新作「ToSkyo」は、彼の最初の写真プロジェクトであり、今日の建築を再 構築し、近年世界が過密になる状況を視覚化しています。この展示トークでは、彼が東京在住の過去2年間に発展させた最新のプロジェクトを紹介します。 コンセプトについて語り、イメージはどのように作って、建築とデザインの将来についてデザイナーのビジョンを共有します。


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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Jul 25, 2018