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Ruth Foster

in Vientiane Lao People's Democratic Republic

Ruth arrived in Vientiane ten and a half years ago. Before that, she spent five years in Nepal. A French graduate, she has worked in Educational Publishing and Social Policy Research, as well as teaching in different contexts. She has taught in Primary schools in the UK, as well as in International schools. She has also taught medical English to doctors and epidemiologists in Lao PDR.

As a child and young adult she dreamed of becoming an Anthropologist and following in the footsteps of Margaret Mead. She would love to have studied Social Anthropology. In recent years she has, to some extent, lived her life as a ‘participant-observer’. She is fascinated by Lao history and culture. For the past seven years has been one of the organisers of the WIG Cultural Study Group, a role which she has found deeply satisfying.

Ruth loves mountains and dancing. A keen gardener, she is passionate about compost.

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Statues of Vientiane - A Personal Selection

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 02, 2016

Strolling around Vientiane Laos, you come across many different statues, all of which have stories to tell. Ruth Foster will present a personal selection of the statues of Vientiane.

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Vientiane @ League of Brewers
Mar 29, 2018

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Vientiane @ O'Grady's Irish Pub and Restaurant
Jun 02, 2016