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Rula Yaghmour

Architect in Amman Jordan

Rula Yaghmour, a holder of an Architectural Engineering degree is a practicing Lead Designer at Yaghmour Architects. Aside from architecture Rula is interested in the various fields of design and arts. She is the founder of kutleh, (arabic: block, mass) a project that repurposes the surplus produced from cladding tiles used in everyday construction projects and attempts to create blocks out of the discarded. These new kutleh blocks emerge as a new medium.

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Kutleh: a new medium, a new stone block

@ VOL 2 ON SEP 01, 2018

Architect Rula Yaghmour speaks about her project Kutleh that repurposes the surplus from cladding tiles used in everyday construction to produce unique blocks of various forms and colors. Traces of time and stone could be beautifully seen in every design!

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Amman @ Darat Al Funun
Sep 01, 2018