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Rujanee Mahakanjana

Filmaker in Chicago United States

Rujanee was born in a home where she learned that thinking inside the box and following the norms made no sense. Shipped, outside the box, to the U.S. at 17 from Bangkok, she now lives and works as an artist and filmmaker in Chicago where her work has evolved from design and fine arts to film over the past 20 years. After receiving her BFA in Design (2000) and MFA in Studio Art (2005) from Northern Illinois University, she has been involved in installation and performance art as well as more recently writing and directing films while teaching at private art and design colleges downtown. Her background in interior architecture has given her a firm foundation of an inside-out, physical and psychological, spatial philosophy in her visual work. She is well known for thought-provoking, brain-poking, existential statements such as DUI: Dancing Under the Influence (installation + performance), One Size Fits All No. 1 (installation + performance), Man and His Erections (premiered at the Gene Siskel Film Center), currently in pre-production a sci-fi feature Lab 99 and Light My Fire: The Burlesque Diaries, and recently a completed short existential film Out of Sight.

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Chicago @ Martyrs'
Dec 02, 2014