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Rudy Vasquez

Marketing and Communications Manager, El Paso Downtown Management District in El Paso United States

Voted El Paso's BEST of the BEST ARTIST in 2010 by What's Up Magazine Rudy Vasquez has worked on Ink Works Official Family Guy trading cards, Ape Entertainment's U.T.F., Dean Koontz' Frankenstein Published by the Dabel Bros, and more recently Carnival comics. Carnival Comics has been partnered with NOKIA and AMAZON where the digital comic book company has had consistent places in the top 10 Graphic Novel category including # 1. Carnival comics can be found in Android and Apple devices. Rudy has drawn for the Atomic Dreams, FUNHOUSE of HORRORS and now the CARNIVAL of SOULS books. In addition; he has also had a 3 month summer showing of his art at El Paso's prestigious Hal Markus fine Art gallery. Rudy is currently working on a creator owned project, and is the Marketing and Communications Manager for the El Paso Downtown Management District.

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Finding My Cultural Voice in Comics

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 29, 2017

By day Rudy Vasquez is the mild mannered Marketing and Communications Manager for El Paso’s Downtown Management District (DMD)…but by night Rudy pursues his amazing passion for comic animation artistry.

Rudy has worked for independent comic book publishers as a work-for-hire sequential artist for years, but has not published any creator owned work. Now, the artist is laying the foundation for a creator owned project that is an expression of his own voice. In this journey, he has discovered a culturally rich context that reflects life on the border more so, than life in a completely make believe world. 

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El Paso @ EPCF Foundation Room
Jun 29, 2017