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Ross Grant

Urban Planner, TEAL Architects+Planners in Halifax Canada

Lover of cities and all things planning and design. Ross is a young urban planner working in a small but mighty architecture firm in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He works on a diverse portfolio of planning projects, but focuses much of his energy on creative strategies for infilling and smart density with a lens to creating more affordable housing. Ross leads TEAL's secondary/garden suite program. On the side he plays jazz drums, enjoys motorcycling and video games. He has a passion for public speaking on a variety of topics from urbanism to Uranus, film to food and music to many more.

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Halifax Transit

@ VOL 23 ON FEB 02, 2017

Ross Grant is a community planner who fell in love with public transit. Sadly, the relationship turned sour when he realized that his local transit network was letting him down. He believes that transit networks have enormous potential to do more than just move people- they can support our arts, culture and activities.