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Rommel Arumugam

Art Director, Collective Global in Colombo Sri Lanka

Rommel has been in the advertising industry now for close to 6 years, and been a designer for even longer - although he’s never had the fortune to afford a formal education in design. He’s a geek who loves everything from Tolkien to Doctor Who. Rommel is also a big fan of indie music, and loves creating tunes. Back in around 2006, he released Sri Lanka's first manga comic. These days he spends his time wondering what to create with the rising new design trends for this year.

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Maalu Paan & Plain Tea

@ VOL 4 ON FEB 22, 2015

Rommel Arumugam uses the ironies in his life, sarcasm and awkward humor to develop a (hopefully) unique series of artworks that are the results of his passion projects.

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Colombo @ Laksala Museum Gallery Cafe
Feb 22, 2015