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Rob Han

Social Entrepreneur in Shanghai China

Born in Australia and living in Shanghai, I'm often teased about both locations; sadly, I can't wrestle a crocodile and am not immune to toxic air pollution. When I'm not being overly obsessed with my newest hobby, you can find me telling kooky stories at the local burger joint. Although I do absolutely love my work to unnatural levels, I would love to travel the world and eat myself out of any mishaps that come my way. But before that, one ambition I'd like to achieve is to start watching a movie, stop halfway and not finish it (a near impossible task for me).

I have a love-hate relationship with sleep and an unhealthy desire to do things that I've not done before. And even though I'm told constantly that I'm too young to be doing what I'm doing, I just can't help but sit on rocking chairs and over-intellectualise stuff. My hope is that one day I can do something that will change the world for the better; sensible was never my strong point, but I'm okay with that.

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How to Behave as the Best Man

@ VOL 26 ON JAN 14, 2016

Within seconds Rob Han grabs the attention of the audience. His captivating and comical personal story involving kidnapping and violence, turns into something beautiful and thought-provoking. By sharing a memory of his own, he creates a memory for the audience. Rob concludes his talk by offering the crowd a fitting question as a gift.

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Shanghai @ The Pearl
Jan 14, 2016