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RJ Mundt

Designer in Tokyo Japan

Actually, my real name is Ryan James. My mother always told me she chose Ryan because it was a name that couldn’t be shortened, like Christopher or William. Perhaps subconsciously seeing this as a challenge, albeit a minor one, I set out to find a way.

As a designer, I try to apply this same method to all my projects…take something that is commonly perceived as absolute, modify it, and in the process, simplify it.

Having discovered a knack for art at an early age, my passion led me to study graphic design. What started off as a childhood love of drawing has developed into a fulfilling career pushing pixels half a world away.

Since leaving the cornfields of rural America for more concrete environs, I have been fascinated with urban existence. As a designer, the city’s layers of life, both old and new, modern and classic and the sheer diversity of culture, continues to be my main source of inspiration.

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Furnishing Creativity

@ VOL 163 ON MAR 26, 2019

Designer RJ Mundt explains how a childhood filled with DIY and building, and a career in graphic design would ignite a passion for furniture building. RJ explains his design process, inspiration and the experimentation that go into his work.

デザイナーのRJ MundtがDIYに満ちた子供時代がどのように家具づくりの愛情へと成長したかについて語ります。

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Tokyo @ The CORE Kitchen/Space
Mar 26, 2019

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Dec 12, 2018