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Rita Patel

Artist in Rochester United States

Rita Patel, CPA, MPH, CWWPM is an artist and creativity consultant | coach with over twenty years of experience in health care and wellness. She believes our experience of beauty can transform the world by changing how we see ourselves our situations and our environments. She is the founder of Experiments in Beautiful Thinking™ an approach where people can go from appreciation of beauty to participation with beauty while coming into greater creative expression and reverence for themselves and other beings. The practices in Experiments in Beautiful Thinking™ are a communal resource that builds restorative power, a way to negotiate life and ultimately lead with confidence and connection. As an international speaker, facilitator, coach and consultant, Rita is a creative ally for individuals, communities and organizations by designing bespoke projects. The promise in her work is to foster personal and collective agency especially in uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations by tapping into each person’s creative force so they can connect and be in their personal power with confidence. She is currently engaged in collaborative community and organization art-centered projects that are designed to shift perspectives, transcend boundaries and reimagine new narratives. Her art, design and illustration imagine patterns as entry points – beautiful open doorways that invite viewers into themselves and greater wholeness. Rita feels strongly that we resonate with only that which is already part of us; that the mystery is in the familiar, but perhaps unknown. The beauty we experience invites us to explore and discover our own creative genius, that in turn allows us to flourish and live the life we are born to live. She works in different media and loves to work large either physically or conceptually in intricate detail.

She lives in Michigan with her husband, Alan Haras with whom she frequently collaborates. Rita has both for-profit and not-for-profit client service experience, in entrepreneurial, open and collaborative environments. Currently, Rita holds the positions of Creative Director of Studio Rita Patel, Executive Director at Michigan Wellness Council, and Public Health and Wellbeing Expert and Graphic Illustrator at Mission Throttle. She currently sits on the board of Paint Creek Center for the Arts and most recently Common Ground. R​ita holds a Masters in Public Health from Columbia University with a concentration on Effectiveness and Outcomes Research related to quality of life. During her time at Columbia, she traveled abroad and studied post-apartheid health care transition in South Africa. Rita’s past experience includes time at Deloitte, Ernst & Young and Hospital for Special Surgery. Rita has taught a graduate level course on Psychosocial Aspects of Health at UM-Flint School of Public Health & Health Sciences. She has received training in Conversational Leadership by poet David Whyte and has extensive experience with the Creative Problem Solving method.

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Beauty Changes the World

@ VOL 30 ON DEC 08, 2016

Rita Patel has designed an experience called Experiments in Beautiful Thinking as way of expanding people's breadth and depth of beauty by moving from appreciation to participation. It is based on the idea that our experience of beauty can transform our world by changing how we see ourselves, our situation and our environment. The foundation provided in the experience allows deeper connection and greater confidence to lead by tapping into the person's creative force.

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Experiments in Beautiful Thinking

@ VOL 33 ON SEP 29, 2017

Rita Patel is joining us once again to give us the latest in her Experiments in Beautiful Thinking. This work allows her to foster personal and collective experiences, especially in uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations by tapping into each person’s creative force with humor and play so they can connect and be in their personal power with confidence.

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Detroit @ Ponyride
Sep 29, 2017

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Detroit @ The Eastern
Dec 08, 2016