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Rimiko Yanai

Resident, Techno Temporary Housing Complex in Mashiki, Kumamoto Japan

2015年に定年退職。 熊本地震で被災(自宅は全壊)し益城中央小学校に避難。 2016年7月末にテクノ仮設団地に入居。今に至る。

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Home is Where the Heart is

ON APR 28, 2017

Rimiko Yanai shares gives an facinating and highly informative glimpse into life in the modular temporary housing provided for residents in Kumamoto who lost their homes to the 2016 earthquakes. Her creative inginuity of using available materials and goods in unlikely ways shows how she has transformed a temporary house, into a temporary home

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PAST 益城町テクノみんなの家 桜祭2017

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Apr 01, 2017