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Richie Carter

Artist/Painter in Kalispell, MT United States

Richie Carter is an oil painter from Kalispell, Montana. When he is not working in his local studio on large scale landscape and still life paintings, you can find him scattered about Montana, on the cobbled streets of Europe, or anywhere really as he gathers on-site paintings that serve as study and reference material for future work.

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Life In Plein Air

@ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2018

Picture a jaunt through Europe, magic and beauty around on all sides. Beams of light hitting stately buildings in a way that they never will again. Walking past anchient cathedrals and the most treasured works of the old masters. And everywhere, every person has a story. No, it's not Fitzgerald or Hemingway. It is Richie Carter, whose uses plein-air painting to interact with people on a deeper, emotional level. 

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Kalispell @ Highline Design Company
Apr 05, 2018