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Richard Gonci

Creative Director and Storyteller-in-Chief, Studio amd in Cambridge, Massachusetts United States

International man of no mystery. Decades traveling the world as a filmmaker in film and CGI (computer generated imagery) for one-percenters and no percenters (broadcast documentaries)... virtually nobody in-between. Thrice married. Got it right the third time, 25 years ago. First time father at 50. Impoverished yachtsman. Avid amateur art collector for over 20 years with eclectic collection that talks to me every day.

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Art as Dialogue - Not Decoration

@ VOL 32 ON FEB 15, 2018

Robert Gonci is an avid amateur art collector and explores the idea of art as dialogue, rather than decoration. He has been collecting art for more than 20 years and says that his eclectic collection talks to him every day.

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Portsmouth NH @ 3S Artspace
Feb 15, 2018