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Ray Porcellato

Owner, Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery in New Westminster Canada

With everything in his childhood home freshly baked, Ray, the founder of Cloud 9, acquired his love for baking at a young age from his mother, Pixie. When he saw the demand for gluten-free products going largely unfulfilled, he decided to continue that family tradition and launched Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery. Founded in 2008, he and his mother first developed Cloud 9's special blend of Gluten-Free All-Purpose Baking Mix, and shortly thereafter began producing a complete range of baked goods and confections that are of the highest standards, fulfilling the growing need for uncompromising gluten-free products.

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Gluten Free Happiness

@ VOL 1 ON JAN 24, 2013

Ray Porcellato takes behind the scenes of his gluten free bakery, and the recent rise in popularity of the gluten free baking market. He explains why he chose New Westminster as the city for his bakery, and the role he plays in the lives of his clients.

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New Westminster @ River Market
Jan 24, 2013