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Rafia Bon

Kathak, Bollywood & Contemporary Dancer, Teacher in Islamabad Pakistan

Rafia Bon, born in Pakistan, is a disciple of renowned guru, Sharmila Sharma from India.

Rafia has collective experience of over 20 years as a professionally trained Kathak, Bollywood & a Contemporary Dancer. She also performs and teaches semi – classical fusions and other Indian traditional folk dance forms.

Rafia received her preliminary training in Indian classical dance (Kathak & Bharatanatyam) from the iconic and most reputed guru in Pakistan, Indu Mitha.

Rafia, for the moment is the sole artist in the city of Lyon, France, to perform and teach Kathak and Kathak – Contemporary Dance. She has been acclaimed for creating her original choreographies and concepts. Her performances exude controlled force, energy, speed and most importantly, elegance, which are pertinent requisites of Kathak along with essential gestures and expressions to narrate the beautiful tale of dance.

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Kathak Dance – Lost and Redeemed Cultural Heritage

@ VOL 5 ON APR 29, 2018

Travel in time to Indian and Mughal history when Kathak dance was at its zenith. The decline and destruction of cultural heritage and Kathak dance during the British colonial rule. To reclamation in the post colonial rule of Indian history and art and its impact and influence on Kathak dance today. 

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Islamabad @ PNCA Amphitheatre
Apr 29, 2018