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Rafael A. Balboa

Architect, STUDIO WASABI in Tokyo Japan

STUDIO WASABI is an architecture studio and urban think-tank based in Japan, founded in 2013 by Rafael A. Balboa and Ilze Paklone.
Their work and texts are often driven by metaphors such as Monsters, Prosthetics and Cannibalism. Wasabi stands not only as a provocation to evoke the humorous and non-sense in architecture but to re-think how far they can stretch these metaphors through their designs.

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Fun and Unique Approach to Architecture Projects

@ VOL 126 ON JUN 24, 2015

What do Monsters, Prosthetics and Cannibalism have to do with Urban Architecture? Rafael A. Balboa from architecture studio and urban think-tank STUDIO WASABI, talks about injecting humor and non-sense into architecture. Rafael presents project case studies from Split (Croatia), Riga (Latvia), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Tokyo, highlighting the studio's unique approach of designing from metaphors.

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Tokyo @ SuperDeluxe
Jun 24, 2015