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Radim Schreiber

Nature Photographer, The Sky Factory in Fairfield United States

Radim Schreiber, born in the Czech Republic, is an artist/photographer and cinematographer. His passion for photography began while photographing insects during his college years in Iowa, which led him to achieve an outstanding student award. After completing his BFA at Maharishi University of Management he started working for The Sky Factory, LLC as a nature photographer, cinematographer and digital artist. His job has allowed him to travel to widely, work with the latest photographic technologies, and to work alongside his renowned artist colleagues. Radim has won multiple national and international photography competitions, including the Smithsonian Magazine Photography contest. Radim's latest project is photographing the bioluminescent glow of flireflies.

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Firefly Experience

@ VOL 2 ON OCT 18, 2013

Radim Schreiber, an award-winning nature photographer, shares some of his best firefly photographs with us. Fireflies resting on grass with the full moon in the background, fields covered in fireflies under a star-filled sky, and more. His photographs are stunning.

"Presentation of the Day" on December 5, 2013.

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Fairfield @ ICON Gallery
Oct 18, 2013