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Pete Ashton

Artist, Self employed in Birmingham United Kingdom

Pete Ashton is an artist based in Birmingham, UK, who works mainly with cameras. Sometimes he makes photographs with them.

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The Politics of Cameras

@ VOL 12 ON MAR 15, 2016

Pete Ashton is an artist who works with cameras, and occasionally makes photographs with them. He’s a Birmingham Open Media fellow and is current developing “What If..? Cameras”, image-capturing devices which might exist in alternative realities where the DSLR and cameraphone don’t dominate.

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Improvising is Harder than It Looks (and sometimes it looks hard)

@ VOL 24 ON FEB 20, 2016

At Pecha Kucha Coventry we have occasionally played with the form and offered up random images for presenters to improvise a presentation on the night. In this case, from our 'What I would do with an extra day" Leap-Year inspired PK, Pete Ashton didn't have an extra day to prepare this PK, so he took 20 random images from and aimed to weave a narrative for them and us...does he succeed?

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Birmingham @ BCU Curzon Building Rm 502
Mar 15, 2016