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Pepe Villegas

Creative Director/Designer, ARTKTR in Miami United States

Being raised on "La Isla del Encanto" ( The Enchanted Island) and seasoned in "The Big Apple" sculpted the path of my multidisciplinary artistry.
I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. What began as a love of drawing, sketching and
mapping floor plans and buildings from an early age led me to the University of Puerto
Rico's School of Architecture in 1982. I attended a summer program at the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza, Italy, an experience which planted the first seeds that would inspire the drive to embark on my artistic journey.
In 1987 I moved to New York City , graduated from the Pratt Institute with a degree in Architecture and joined the renowned firm of architect I.M Pei. By 1993 I was applying my sketching ability at a shared studio in Chelsea and became part of an alternative creative community vibrating outside the gallery and museum system, in the fashion and music subcultures, and the streets of New York.
My artistic expression is a sensorial voice for the curiosity and fascination that I experience towards the human spirit, sociopolitical, and environmental issues. I love people and how we each operate accordingly to our individuality.
My work has been exhibited extensively in prestigious galleries & museums such as the El Museo de las Americas in San Juan, Puerto Rico, The Parrish Museum in Southampton; the Gagosian Gallery, Conde Contemporary in Miami and the Charles Cowles Gallery, New York, which represented me and whose personal collection features some of my photographic work.
I currently reside in Miami and work as Creative Director of ARTKTR, a functional and wearable art enterprise.
"If I can imagine it, it can absolutely be done without entertaining limiting thoughts from my own mind or others' points of view." Pepe Villegas

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Drawing Upon Inspiration

@ VOL 34 ON APR 20, 2017

Pepe Villegas draws inspiration from his life circumstances in New York and Miami.  Living life on life's terms, he takes the good with the bad to create drawings, paintings, and an art object series based on the fundamentals of his architecture education.  He did some modeling along the way too!