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Patrick Hershberger

Illustrator / Muralist in Kalamazoo United States

Patrick is an illustrator and muralist from Kalamazoo, Michigan. His interest in street art and murals began in Chicago 2005 as he photographed the names and images seen on the streets. He had neglected his brushes for years, but inspired by a new way to share art, began creating stickers and installations placed around the city. Moving back to Kalamazoo 2008 he continued to explore outdoor work. His work covers the gamut of contemporary design to his personal passion, historical re-imagination through illustrations. His animal beings replace their human counterparts in classic pieces of art to the famous (and not so famous) photographs in American history. Recent clients and project partners include the Edison Neighborhood Association, The Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo, Art Prize, VML, and the City of Kalamazoo.

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Art On Walls

@ VOL 7 ON FEB 07, 2019

Patrick Hershberger presents his works of art from his time being an illustrator & muralist.