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Patrick Gregston

Producer, Self in Santa Barbara United States

A lifetime in communications beginning with being the child of a newspaper columnist and editor, through a career in television, movies and commercials, and now in production and consulting for people and organizations that want to deliver solutions to the world's challenges, powerfully.
Dedicated to well being and a world that works for everyone.

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Resistance stretching--feel free and comfortable in your body

@ VOL 12 ON OCT 29, 2014

Patrick Gregston talks about the importance of resistance stretching. As the body ages, we start to lose control of more of our muscles. With resistance stretching, we will start to recover and gain control of out body again. 

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Putting yourself first

@ VOL 18 ON AUG 17, 2016

It may be you think you are part of the ‘me’ generation and are used to feeling guilty about being selfish, but the vast majority of us are ‘playing hurt’ and ignoring our well being.
Just another human on a journey, Patrick Gregston has been a change agent in transforming an industry, done business with Fortune 100 companies, and survived gunshots, fire and car accidents, to say nothing of decades of marriage and parenting. His wife tells him he talks too much, but he’s hoping you’ll like what you hear.

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Santa Barbara @ Dargan's Irish Pub and Restaurant
Aug 17, 2016

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Santa Barbara @ Dargan's Irish Pub and Restaurant
Oct 29, 2014